Sunday, June 26, 2016


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The Society Series of books are all available from Amazon; for Kindle, in Paperback, and also Kindle Unlimited.

✮✮ Snippet
The creature licked along her skin with a dry, bristly tongue, like sandpaper across her skin. Yvette braced herself as she watched his lips curl back and his fangs extend. With a hiss, he gripped her arm tightly and pierced her flesh. Yvette gasped, the sharp pain from the bite quickly subsiding and turning into a feeling of such exquisite ecstasy that Yvette’s eyes rolled back in her head. Troy was the only vampire to have ever bitten Yvette after her maker. Only he had shared blood in moments of intimacy. The bite, the giving of life, it was something close to orgasmic between them. Yvette let her head fall back in pleasure. So much power flowed through her veins, stealing her words, her thoughts, and her entire sense of being from her. He could drain her right now, and she wouldn’t fight it. She would die in his arms happy and content. Maybe the Humans had, too, she thought vaguely through a hazy bliss.
He drank from her, long and deep, creating a wholeness inside her that she couldn’t understand. Unable to keep her eyes open, she gave herself over to the ecstasy that she had only ever experienced with her husband.
When he had finished, he licked across the two small wounds and sealed them. Then, placing a small kiss on her wrist, he let go of her arm. She tried to look at him, but her mind was delirious and drunk on whatever he had done, her body weak. He lowered her to the ground, leaning her against the cold stone that held his coffin. “Thank you,” he said. His voice was thicker now, deeper words that fitted a man much younger than the rotting corpse she had encountered. She blinked long and hard, trying to focus herself. “You will heal in a moment.”

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